Cafe Madeleine - Fresh French desserts, cakes, cupcakes in San Francisco
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Each day we make a fresh selection of individual French pastries, cakes, cookies and other baked goods in our Downtown San Francisco bakery. Our pastries are made with the freshest ingredients. Try one of our delicious cakes at any of our three locations or take a cake home!


A daily assortment featured in our pastry cases

ALMOND FRUIT TART - baked almond cream in a pate sucree shell, topped with seasonal fresh fruit

BANDE - puff pastry shell filled with vanilla custard and topped with seasonal fresh fruit


CARAMEL PINEAPPLE TORTE - pineapple-infused caramel with hazelnut cake

CHEESECAKE - choose from original or mixed berry


CHOCOLATE POT DE CREME - chilled dark chocolate custard, topped with whipped cream

CHOCOLATE RASPBERRY TRUFFLE - layers of chocolate sponge cake and raspberry-infused chocolate truffle filling

CHOCOLATE TART - chocolate shortbread crust, filled with chocolate ganache, topped with fresh berries and white chocolate shavings

CREAM PUFF - choux pastry with vanilla custard, fresh cream and strawberries

CRèME BANANE - ribbons of banana puree baked into an almond cake, layered with caramel mousse

CRèME BRLUEE - baked custard, infused with Tahitian vanilla with a caramelized sugar crust

ECLAIR - pate choux with vanilla custard and a touch of Grand Marnier

EVASION - chocolate shortbread crust filled with ganache and pistachio crème brulee filling, topped with a milk chocolate mousse dome, drizzled with chocolate glaze

FAVORITE - chocolate sponge cake lightly soaked with rum, with fudge filling

FRESH FRUIT TART - pate sucree crust, lined with chocolate, filled with vanilla custard and topped with seasonal fresh fruit

KEY LIME TART - key lime curd in a pate sucree crust with Italian meringue

LEMON DOME - lemon cremeux with hazelnut meringue on a sablee disk

LEMON TART - pate sucree tart shell filled with baked custard and lemon curd

MATCHA TIRAMISU - green tea-infused mascarpone cheese with white sponge cake

MANGO - white sponge cake filled with mango mousse and fresh mango

MARJOLAINE - layers of hazelnut meringue, vanilla buttercream and bittersweet chocolate

OPERA - layers of almond cake, bittersweet chocolate, coffee buttercream and chocolate ganache

PANNA COTTA - Italian “cooked cream” in assorted flavors and coulis

PASSION FRUIT TART - passion fruit curd with milk chocolate ganache

PEANUT BUTTER AND MILK CHOCOLATE TART - chocolate tart shell with peanut butter filling and milk chocolate mousse

ROYALE - chocolate sponge cake, a layer of chocolate feuillentine with chocolate mousse, enrobed in chocolate glaze

SATINE - ladyfinger cake filled with raspberry gelee and white chocolate cremeux

STRAWBERRY CHARLOTTE - strawberry mousse with basil, wrapped in poppy seed ladyfinger cake with dried strawberries

STRAWBERRIES & CREAM - layers of ladyfinger cake, fresh strawberries and strawberry cremeux

TIRAMISU - ladyfinger cake soaked with espresso, amaretto and rum, with mascarpone cheese

TRIPLE CHOCOLATE - chocolate sponge cake layered with dark, milk and white chocolate mousses, topped with white chocolate shavings

YUZU TART - yuzu curd with vanilla mascarpone cream