Quiche (Flavors Change Daily)

Lorraine (bacon & onion)
Wild mushroom & Balsamic onions
Spinach & mushroom
Goat cheese, tomato & basil
Ham & burrata cheese
Smoked salmon and onions

Chicken & artichoke

Broccoli and cheddar

Individual Frittatas (Gluten-free)

Spinach and mushroom (no dairy)

Ham and burrata cheese

Tomato, basil and goat cheese


Avocado toast with olive oil, sea salt and radish

Avocado toast + sliced eggs

Avocado toast + bacon

Creamy ricotta with berry compote and pepitas seeds


Double-baked chocolate
Double-baked almond

Double-baked ham and cheese


Lemon poppy seed
Mochi –  (gluten-free) coconut, ube, sesame, matcha

Puff Pastry

Apple turnover
Lemon puff

Goat cheese, tomato, ricotta cheese & pesto puff

Chicken curry puff

Loaf Bread

Lemon olive oil

Danish and Scones

Strawberry Danish

Blueberry scone

Raspberry pop-tart

Breakfast Sandwiches

House-made buttermilk biscuit filled with egg frittata and cheddar cheese with lemon ailoi

Breakfast sandwich + bacon

Breakfast sandwich + avocado

Breakfast sandwich + ham

House-made buttermilk biscuit with butter and preserves

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