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Original Flavor

Chocolate Caramel

Valrhona chocolate caramel truffle with devil’s food cake

Chocolate Flourless Torte (gluten-free)

Chocolate Pot de Crème

Chilled dark chocolate custard topped with whipped cream

Chocolate Raspberry Truffle

Layers of chocolate sponge cake and raspberry-infused chocolate truffle filling

Chocolate Tart

Chocolate shortbread crust, filled with chocolate ganache and topped with fresh berries

Cream Puffs

Assorted flavors: Nutella, Ube, Matcha

Creme Brulee

white sponge cake with milk caramel custard

Dulce de Leche

White sponge cake with milk caramel custard

Fresh Fruit Tart

Pate sucree crust lined with chocolate, filled with vanilla custard and topped with seasonal fresh fruit


Layers of chocolate sponge cake and chocolate-hazelnut truffle filling

Key Lime Tart

Key lime curd in a pate sucree crust with Italian meringue

Lemon Bombe

Lemon cremeux with hazelnut meringue on a sablee disc

Lemon Tart

Pate sucree tart shell filled with baked custard and lemon curd

Mango Mousse

White sponge cake filled with mango mousse and fresh mango


Layers of hazelnut meringue, vanilla buttercream and bittersweet chocolate

Matcha Tiramisu

Green tea-infused mascarpone cheese with passion fruit curd filling and white sponge cake


Layers of almond cake, bittersweet chocolate, coffee buttercream and chocolate ganache

Panna Cotta

Italian “cooked cream” in assorted flavors and coulis

Passion Fruit Tart

Chocolate-almond tart shell filled with passion fruit curd, topped with vanilla-mascarpone cremeux

Pineapple- Coconut

White sponge cake with pineapple gelee and coconut cream


Chocolate sponge cake, a layer of chocolate fuillentine with chocolate mousse, enrobed in chocolate glaze


Ladyfinger cake soaked with espresso, amaretto and rum with mascarpone cheese

Triple Chocolate

Chocolate sponge cake layered with dark, milk and white chocolate mousses

Vanilla Pudding

Cooked vanilla custard topped with salted caramel


Available in regular size
Minimum 3 per flavor for special orders


Caramel & Sea Salt

Vanilla cake filled with caramel, topped with caramel buttercream and sea salt


Carrot spice cake with cream cheese frosting

Chocolate Raspberry

Devil’s food cake with raspberry jam filling and chocolate fudge frosting

Lemon Curd

Vanilla cake with lemon curd filling and lemon buttercream frosting


Devil’s food cake with mocha buttercream frosting


Vanilla cake with raspberry jam and peanut butter buttercream frosting


Devil’s food cake with vanilla bean cream filling with chocolate glaze

Passion Fruit

Vanilla cake with passion fruit curd

Red Velvet

Red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting

Design Your Own

Choose from devil’s food cake, vanilla cake or red velvet cake

Top with one of our other frostings: raspberry buttercream, vanilla buttercream, chocolate buttercream, mocha buttercream, chocolate fudge or cream cheese frosting


Chocolate chip
Dark chocolate with peanut butter chips
Oatmeal raisin
Coconut cranberry
Vanilla sugar cookie

Sandwich Cookies

Coconut-cranberry with raspberry cream filling

Chocolate chip with chocolate ganache filling

Snickerdoodle, ginger and matcha cream filling

French Macarons (assorted flavors)

Bar Cookies

Lemon bar
Toffee Brownie
Cinnamon-Apple Crisp Bar
Mocha Brownie

Brown Sugar Shortbread


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