Not sure what to get? Here are some recommendations from some our favorite customers

“Never disappoints!”

“Café Madeleine has never disappointed! I just ordered my mother’s birthday cake from there last week, and my parents said this is the best cake they EVER had! I’ll be getting my dad’s bday cake from there as well!! Thank you!!”

Kristal R.
Favorite Item:

“Desserts were amazing…”

Desserts were amazing – they tasted exactly like they looked. I want to scoop up this lovely little cafe and take it home; it’s perfect.”

Joy G.
Favorite Item:
Strawberry Charlotte

“The ingredients are fresh…”

When someone in our office has a birthday we come here for the cakes. The ingredients are fresh and the cake is perfect when it comes to sweetness.

Kathy T.
Favorite Item:
Triple Chocolate Mousse

The cakes are beautiful and decadent…”

“When I worked in Downtown San Francisco, we used to purchase cakes from Café Madeleine and use them for catering our lunch meetings. The cakes are beautiful and decadent, a gift in itself for any celebration. We would celebrate our team members with a beautiful cake of their favorite flavor and if they didn’t specify, not a big deal – they are all lovely.”

Rebekah T.
Favorite Item:
Mango Mousse

A great hidden gem in San Francisco.

“I loved this quaint little cafe. There’s a nice little seating area inside as well as chairs outside that face the street, just like they do in actual Paris. I’d say this is a great hidden gem in San Francisco that everyone would love and enjoy. Highly recommended.”

Liz B.
Favorite Item:


“LOVE THIS PLACE! Not only do they have great coffee but the exterior and interior design makes you feel like you’re in a classy cafe in France!”

Sabrina L.
Favorite Item:

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